All Our Bags Are Packed!


Since Kevin (my husband) and I take a few trips a year, I thought it would be realistic for us (and by that I mean me) to blog about our vacations as a way to have a virtual scrapbook and help others plan their trips!

Some great places that Kevin and I have been to together that I did not get a chance to blog about are: Key West, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Put-in-Bay, Ohio; St. Simon’s Island, GA; Cozumel, Mexico.

Enjoy our personal thoughts, opinions, and pictures! We can’t wait to share our travels with you!



About Andrea

I work in the Museums, Archives, and Rare Books Department at Kennesaw State University with my master's degree in Heritage Preservation. I taught fourth grade through middle school for several years prior to museum work. I live in Atlanta with my husband, dog and cat, and I am pursuing my doctoral degree in History Education. . I am a lover of travel, wine, and good food so hopefully my blog will provide you with some of my travel tips (on a reasonable budget!) that I learn along the way.

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